Our Fisheries

Our Fisheries

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fish you can catch at Halley's
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Anglers and Hunters!

This is our invitation to you to come and experience our fantastic Canadian fishing trip, excellent accommodations and our well-known family expertise. You will be sure that you will find out why our guests are returning year after year, generation after generation. We are proud of our family's commitment to the tourism industry and you can rest assured that our name is your guarantee.

We have many types of accommodations for any angler's interest whether you want to have all-inclusive lodge experience (all your meals cooked for you, daily maid service, fishing guide, and boat), drive in housekeeping experience (take care of yourself while renting a cabin and brining or renting a boat), or for the adventurous angler's experience at one of our fly in remote outposts(fish your own lake while having the cabin and boats all to yourself).

Any request by an angler or hunter is always just a phone call away. We offer exceptional equipment and boats, and the finest fishing Northwestern Ontario, Canada has to offer. Our fishery is mainly walley, smallmouth bass and northern pike but we do have lakes that offer lake trout and musky fishing. Come fishing with us and experience little to no fishing pressure while fishing endless amounts of walleyes, numerous northern pike an so manny smallmouth bass that your reel threatens to overheat with so much action.

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