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December 2022

We want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! We hope all fishermen receive something fishy this Christmas whether its fishing tackle, fishing gear, fishing rods, fishing pictures or something that reminds fishermen of their trips to Halley’s Camps!

On December Chris and Gene were able to snowmobile out to One Man across the English River. Testing the ice is a must dealing with the current of the river, especially around the main channel points. One Man is safe and sound, solar is on with generator backup and everything is running as it should!

Chris on the snowmobile with the chainsaw in the basket when they were out checking ice across the river.

October & November 2022

The CANADIAN border is open to unvaccinated travelers! This is huge news!! We have contacted lots of people to tell them that the border is open! For 2023 dates, give us a call and we’ll get you fishing!!

Here MOOSE, Moose, MOOSE

The fall is when we do our moose hunts and this year in October, we had 2 groups in at our outposts. We had a self-guided, Halley experienced group be very successful and enjoyed romping through the bush. They were an archery group that started their hunt in September and finished in October.

Our next hunt was our rifle hunt at one of our fly in remote cabins. This family of hunters were excited to be out hunting and to view the north country. They were also successful at seeing moose and had some great stories!

Project from start to finish

We try cutting a lot of our own wood on our WoodMizer mill. Check out the video from this summer when Chris was running the mill. This wood was being cut for shore lunch shelters as when the wildfire came through last year much of them were burned. Our big flat nose boat was used to haul the wood to the new locations and kept the progress going. Chris rounded up a crew of workers to build the new shacks and they look awesome!!

New 50hp MOTORS for 2023

We always try our best to give our fishermen great boating equipment and we are getting new motors on our fishing boats for the 2023 season. We had 6 guys working as a team pulling boats from the water, emptying all the equipment out, pulling them up next to the backhoe and they would use the machine to lift the motors off and then set them on the transport trailer. 26 motors are on their way for spring time!

VIEW the trophy registries:

The trophy fish list for Halley’s Camps has been compiled! Halley’s guests registered a total of 1,170! That is an incredible number!! Click here to view the Halley’s Camps Trophy Water List for 2022. The totals: 748 smallmouth bass, 175 walleyes, 242 northern pike and 5 lake trout! High five to all the fishermen this summer!!

Thank you to our staff for the summer work!

A huge shout out to all of our staff -guides, servers, housekeepers, drivers, boat transporters, managers, cooks, retail, reservations, pilots, administration and more!! One of our staff sent us some pictures in the life of working at Halley’s Camps and Damien worked with us from the early days in May until October-check out Damien’s pictures!!

In memory

Fisherman and dear friend, Hutch Schilling, we hope you are fishing in clear skies above.

Hutch fished with us in June and July at One Man.

The CANADIAN border is open to unvaccinated travelers!

Hooking into 2023

All of our guests/fishermen/customers should have received their letters regarding the 2023 season. We have freshly updated dates on our website and if you don’t see dates that you are looking for, please contact us and we will see if we can wiggle you in! Let’s go fishing!

September 2022

This fall the leaves captured so many bright colors. The month of September had perfect temperature weather with some days being in the high sixties to seventy degrees Fahrenheit. All in all, it was great fishing again this month and the boat rides were gorgeous!


Reefs, shorelines, and any underwater structure were producing smallmouth bass, pike, and lots of walleye! Word on the lake was much of the bass were being caught off certain crank baits and plastics. Brian and his brothers made it up for fishing in September again this year! Out of Brian’s Family, the largest fish was a 44” pike caught by Ezra-look at the picture!! We had Tom and his family/crew up for some September fishing! We also had a couple of bear hunters from the states in September and pictured here is Jim with his bear-nice one!

Erza at Caribou in September 44″ Pike

One Man

The first half of September at One Man was a busy one! We had a group that normally fishes the waters at Kettle come and experience the fishing at One Man-Mark caught 5 trophy smallmouth bass-that’s pretty awesome!! We had the Esser family come fishing and they brought their next generation of Halley’s fishermen and they had such a blast-boat loads of fun-fish, shore lunches, and family time! Mike caught a large smallmouth bass pictured here.

Outpost hunts

We had some hunters staying with us at our outposts and hunt camps for fall moose hunting. We had some MOOSE action this month!! Scott and Tim were stoked when they got their first moose! We will keep y’all posted on October hunts.

September Trout

Fishing trout in the fall is different than fishing in the summer because when the water temperature cools off, the trout go more towards the shallows. The last day of trout season is September 30 every year and this year Chris and Amber treated staff to a fly-in trout lake before the end of the month. Chris flew the crew into Secret Lake # 27.5 and everyone hooked into the trout!! Kenna, in our reservations department, even got out of the office for the day and proved she could catch fish!! Our guides from Kettle Falls, Brian and David, joined them as well as Damien from Caribou. It was a super fun day!!

August 2022

Caribou Falls Landing

Caribou Falls Landing guests reported that this was the best fishing that they have ever had!! The fishing was on fire and the walleyes were biting anything that was put in front of them. We had the pleasure of seeing Roy up at Caribou and Roy has been fishing with Halley’s Camps since 1997. Here are 2 photos of Roy one from 25+ years ago and one from this past summer in 2022 with his 30” walleye!!

Here also are a couple of photos of Don and Rich-a couple of fishing buddies!!! Another fishing crew caught the heck out of the walleyes the 3rd week of June-Dennis and the boys said this was the best fishing that they have ever had at Halley’s Camps!!

Winning Photo for Minnows

The Bucholz party had some giggles as in their entire fishing group, fisherman Garry, had caught the smallest fish as well as the largest fish-they cannot all be trophies! LOL!!

Also, pictured is Louis Halley and Jim, Jim has now been guided by 4 generations of Halley’s starting with Louis’s great grandpa Louie, his grandpa Gene, his dad Chris and now Louis-how cool is that?!?

One Man Lake Lodge

One Man Lake Lodge had a busy start to the month with many fishermen. It was great seeing groups of couples, kids, and families. One of the favorite stories of the month was a student was able to plan his own graduation present and he chose a trip to One Man! Luke, his dad and friend came and fished at One Man-now that is a trip Luke will remember for always!! We were also happy to finally meet the significant others of some long-time fishing/hunting guests Dave and Mike!! Another family visiting was  Chris and Alyssa with their kids and her parents and it was awesome to see the family coming together-fishing and having fun. We really enjoyed all of our guests this month-we are just so happy to have everyone back besides the One Man on the island (this is a joke haha-One Man Lake Lodge sits on an island).

Kettle Falls Lodge

Kettle Falls had the pleasure of hosting the Walleye Derby gang organized by Denny Baker from Iowa. Denny has made 41 trips to Kettle Falls. Denny started coming when the barges were being used for customers at Kettle Falls before the lodge was even built-he has seen many changes through the Halley’s Camps decades. This year it was a mixed group of friends and family that caught a lot of walleyes while staying at Kettle Falls-ok they caught some bass and pike too! The weather this August was beautiful and the sunrise and sunsets were unforgettable.

Not only was this month full of fishing, but we were able to cross some items off the list. We replaced all the walkways at Kettle Falls with new composite decking. It looks great and will continue to do so for years to come!!

Halley’s Camps Fly in remote outposts cabins

Our fishing enthusiasts at our outposts proved there is lots of fish in the lakes!! We had groups from all over the US this month!! One of our groups, were from Illinois and they caught trophy pike and smallies! Way to go John and Aaron!!

July: Beautiful weather, beautiful fish!

Caribou Falls Landing

Caribou Falls Landing had some fishing excitement with the numbers of fish and the quality of the fish being hooked! This month the walleyes were on the humps, reefs, and shorelines throughout the river and the legendary northern pike were fun to hook into. Look at Rob and Don pictured here are happy as they reeled in and defeated these lake monsters. Fishermen reported lots of doubles and triples at one time in their boats which is nice to get everyone enjoying the fishing! Not only was the fishing great but the weather was perfect for swimming and living in the moment of the great outdoors. Guests were picking and relishing the fresh blueberries that they would either see on the shores of the lake or on their morning/evening walks!

One Man Lake

This July the trophy book was out and guests were registering a ton of trophies!! We hosted friends, families and corporate groups at One Man which is a great location for groups up to 20 people. We had a group of family from Texas of young and experienced fishing together-young and seasoned-they all gathered. The Siering Family also stepped into their home away from home at the lodge as they have been fishing for years at One Man. Guests at One Man were really enjoying our cook, Karin, as her cooking was amazing! Should’ve warned One Man Lake guests to watch the waist lines at One Man and she made sure there are no hungry fishermen!!

Kettle Falls

This month was full of amazing fishing, breathtaking sceneries, delicious food, and trips to toast to at the end of a day’s fish. For the past couple of years, the Ownby’s have been trying to have their 50th wedding anniversary celebration with lots of their family at Kettle Falls. This was the year it finally happened!! They had great fishing and memorable times! Kevin caught the largest trophy at Halley’s Camps this year with 33” of walleye!!!! That is almost 3 rulers long!!

The James family, new to Halley’s Camps and Kettle Falls, had absolutely outstanding fishing with multiple fish and trophies! The Osbournes, a father son duo, also had some great fishing-they had a quick trip only 2 days but WOWWWWW they really caught the fish! The photos of July’s fishing are outstanding!!

Halley’s Outposts Cabins

We had some fishing adventurers at our Trapline Lake this month-we don’t think there was much water that they hadn’t fished, boated through, paddled through or swam through!! Shad brings his family and friends and lives the fullest outdoorsman’s life while staying with us. Many Trapline guests this year loved the quiet solitude of Trapline Lake. Fishing multiple lakes a day/a week/a trip while catching walleye and northern! The sunsets off of the new deck at Trapline are something to remember forever as the sunset glistens off the water for miles after a day’s fish.

Rex Lake guests had enjoyed their fill of smallmouth bass fishing-LOTS of trophies this month as well as the number of fish being boated! The guests here loved the solitude of the north while exploring their way to Little Rex-the waterfalls on the river were absolutely beautiful and listening to the waterfalls watching the sunset was so captivating and relaxing.

Let’s not forget about Moosehorn-fishermen there enjoyed the cozy cabin, the great BASS fishing, beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Reports from one group was that they were able to watch the bass striking their lures!!


Please send us your fantastic photos of your fishing trip unless you don’t want them in any publications. The winner will win a dozen of minnows for their 2023 fishing trip-HA-just kidding-we are going to be giving the winner of the photo contest a gift certificate of $400.00 to be used on a 2023 fishing trip! Please email: [email protected] with your name, our Halley’s Camps lodge or outpost property name, and what month you stayed with us and we will let you all know the top 5 runner ups! Deadline is December 20, 2022.


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My mother and I had a Great time and I wanted to Thank You, Chris, and Lou for an absolutely wonderful time! You guys, and Halley's Camp, was everything I was looking for.
Doug Auker

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