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April News

Walleye season officially closed on April 15 and will open again on the 3rd Saturday in May. This year our walleye opener is May 15, 2021 and this is the earliest walleye opener can be open in Ontario. Unfortunately this will be the 2nd opener in a row where we will not see our American guests. We wish we could see everyone-just think of this time not being able to come fishing as a little extra growing time for the big walleyes, lengthy northern and fightin’ smallmouth bass at Halley’s Camps! We might have to test our fishing skills as the last time we were out walleye fishing we were ice fishing!


This year the ice went out on many of the other lakes a little early. We were able to put some planes in and get up north to check on the ice conditions. All the lakes were open except for the English River-it still had ice on it April 21, 2021! Seems a bit crazy that all the other lakes were open but you could see the current ins some parts were really opening up sections of water. Chris was able to boat to One Man and check on the lodge the last week of April and no ice!!

Border News

We will keep you posted about any information that we receive about the border as it’s currently closed until May 21, 2021.

Spring sprung early!

We didn’t think that spring would be here so quickly! Wow usually we don’t have weather like this until April but we are not going to complain! Chris and Jamie used the big skidder to pull trees out of the bush and cut them up for firewood at One Man Lake Lodge. They hauled many loads to One Man before the ice started to turn soft. They also spent some days on the sawmill to cut enough wood to fix the boat dock at Kettle Falls so it’s all one level and they cut enough boards to replace some of the main support beams at One Man Lake Lodge. One Man is also having some renovations done on the wall behind where the wood stove sits and brought in all new stone for when we can get out there on water. Everything where it was supposed to be before the ice really started to melt.

Building outhouses at our shore lunch locations
Dock work at Kettle Falls
Cutting firewood this spring
Crossing the ice at sunset

Border Update

The US/Canada border is still closed until May 21, 2021.

At this time the governments will announce whether the border closure will have another 30 day extension. We will keep everyone informed when there are any changes.

Hoping to see Americans this summer!

As we sit and hope for the best for this summer to be open to Americans, we’ve made some plans to get a few things done. February had warm temperatures and some beautiful sunny days. We wanted to renovate the bathroom in the guest cabin at One Man in preparation for the summer. Jamie and Chris demo’d the bathroom and started installing drywall and replacing the floor. With the nice weather, Jamie and Chris started going to some of the outposts and hauling goods in and out using snowmobiles and sleighs whether it was empty propane tanks or fuel drums.  We had brought in a snowmobile to Chase Lake when the cabin was replaced and they hauled that back 40 miles down the snowmobile trail.

Sweetest Things About Fishing at Halley’s Camps

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years from all of us here at Halley’s Camps!

Tis’ the month of sport shows…with the border closed we are still putting on miles-not in a truck like usual at this time of year but on a snowmobile! We have been busy with opening up our winter trails, cutting firewood at outposts and One Man Lake Lodge, and planning renovations and upgrades that we could do if the border opens soon and quickly.

We still are on a month by month basis if the border is going to be open. We really hope it does and it’s great to hear that so many people in the states and in Canada that have received the vaccine. We hope everyone stays healthy and keep looking forward to their trips at Halley’s Camps. Fingers crossed that we hear some good news in February.

Story of a Christmas Miracle

On Christmas Eve, I was told that there was a dog that walked into the yard at One Man Lake Lodge the previous Monday. Chris and I talked about it and we posted a note on the bulletin board at White Dog Reserve online. I received messages about a gentleman that was missing his dogs from east of One Man by 45 miles. He had gone out hunting and his dogs went out after him later and they went the wrong way. Only one dog made it out of the two. I told the owner that it was the one with the blue collar and he told me the dog’s name was Blade. The owner mentioned that his kids were jumping for joy hearing one of the dogs is still alive. To complete this miracle that the dog made it that far, Chris and his daughter Reagan offered to meet up with him and bring him to One Man to get his dog on Christmas Day. We borrowed him a snowmobile and sleigh and he was reunited, able to bring Blade home for his family. That is one lucky pooch!


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What's Happening at Halley's

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