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The Border is Opening!

VISITORS from the United States arriving and departing to and from Canada

As of August 9, 2021 fully vaccinated American citizens and permanent residents, currently residing in the US can cross into Canada for non-essential or leisure travel.

Fully vaccinated travelers permitted to travel to Canada if they have received the full vaccination series of a vaccine accepted by the Government of Canada at least 14 days prior to entering Canada. 

Fully vaccinated travellers must: 

  • Be able to meet the pre-entry test requirements-which is to have a negative pre-entry COVID-19 molecular test result within 72 hours of crossing the border
  • have received the full vaccination series of a vaccine accepted by the Government of Canada at least 14 days prior to entering Canada
  • be asymptomatic
  • Submit information digitally using the ArriveCAN app or website before boarding if arriving by air, or before arriving at a land or marine port of entry and have provided COVID-19 related information electronically through ArriveCAN prior to arrival in Canada
  • have a paper or digital copy of their vaccination documentation in English or French Unvaccinated children under 12 years of age and dependents of fully vaccinated travellers eligible for entry to Canada will be exempted from quarantine with enhanced public health measures, meaning they can move around with their parents, but must avoid group settings, such as kids camps or daycares
  • There will be random Covid tests done on travellers at the border. Fully vaccinated travellers will not need a post-arrival test unless they have been randomly selected to complete a Day 1 COVID-19 molecular test.
  • Travelers must have a quarantine location in mind. As a guest of Halley’s Camps, we will provide a place for an individual/s to be able to quarantine if they get symptoms of Covid-19. 


For Americans arriving back into the US by land travel by vehicle, the US is not requiring a negative covid test within 72 hours of returning to the US. For air travel from Canada to the US a negative covid test must be completed within 72 hours of crossing the border. You will need to show the test results before being allowed to board a plane from Canada to the US. At the Winnipeg airport there will be Covid tests available that are free-these tests are 24-hour tests (must be complete 24 hours before you board) and available M-F 8am-4pm. Please call us to find information about flying into International Falls vs Winnipeg.

Follow any additional federal, provincial/territorial and local public health measures. In Ontario, wearing a mask is required indoors in public places and you must stay 6 feet apart from others while in public.

We are giving you the information as of up to today, July 22, 2021. If travelling to Canada this summer or fall, please keep updated with travel on current boarder statuses. 

May 2021

As we continued through May, we had to call many guests to let them know that the US/Canada border closure had been extended. Same as last year, we are rolling reservations and 100% of deposits to the 2022 year. We also created a call list if the border were to open. If you have changed your mind and you would like to add your name to our call list for fishing the “what if we have a season”, please give us a quick email with your name, phone number and which location you would be interested in fishing for 2021. Fingers crossed that we receive some good news on June’s border announcement.

It has been a very DRY spring and after a 10-minute storm which had lots of lightning left lots pop up fires started. The Moosehorn Lake fire made the news here in Kenora with the wild fire burning right towards our Moosehorn Lake Outpost. The Ministry of Natural Resources Fire was able to get in there and put sprinklers on our cabin, shed and boats as the fire was across the bay. The fire even though it was moving to the north- north-east, it was so hot that it back burned right next to the cabin at Moosehorn as you can see in the picture. The bright green trees behind the cabin was where the sprinklers were spraying water on the cabin but the wind was so strong a lot of water got carried by the wind in the backyard.

The same fire moved over 8km in one day and just as soon as we were breathing relief that Moosehorn was still standing now Kettle Falls Lodge was in its path. The fire kept burning and it reached the English River just a little southwest of Kettle. The fire crews were able to get in to Kettle and put sprinklers on the buildings to protect it if the fire were to keep burning. After 3 days, the winds faded from over 40 mph to just a breeze and it finally rained. Even after days of raining the MNRF was having to scan the fire area for hotspots and putting crews on the ground to put them out. Chris and I are so relieved that the MNRF saved our Moosehorn Lake Outpost and Kettle Falls Lodge.

Our May walleye opener was a fun one. We were able to get out and try out luck at fishing and it appears we haven’t lost our touch!

Many Halley’s guests have been asking what Gene and Wanda are up to these days and besides working, they are spending time at their outpost camp on a walleye/northern lake. Pictured here is Gene’s helpful way of filleting fish on his paddle!

Pictured here is a summer’s worth of propane to our One Man Lake Lodge.

April News

Walleye season officially closed on April 15 and will open again on the 3rd Saturday in May. This year our walleye opener is May 15, 2021 and this is the earliest walleye opener can be open in Ontario. Unfortunately this will be the 2nd opener in a row where we will not see our American guests. We wish we could see everyone-just think of this time not being able to come fishing as a little extra growing time for the big walleyes, lengthy northern and fightin’ smallmouth bass at Halley’s Camps! We might have to test our fishing skills as the last time we were out walleye fishing we were ice fishing!


This year the ice went out on many of the other lakes a little early. We were able to put some planes in and get up north to check on the ice conditions. All the lakes were open except for the English River-it still had ice on it April 21, 2021! Seems a bit crazy that all the other lakes were open but you could see the current ins some parts were really opening up sections of water. Chris was able to boat to One Man and check on the lodge the last week of April and no ice!!

Border News

We will keep you posted about any information that we receive about the border as it’s currently closed until May 21, 2021.

Spring sprung early!

We didn’t think that spring would be here so quickly! Wow usually we don’t have weather like this until April but we are not going to complain! Chris and Jamie used the big skidder to pull trees out of the bush and cut them up for firewood at One Man Lake Lodge. They hauled many loads to One Man before the ice started to turn soft. They also spent some days on the sawmill to cut enough wood to fix the boat dock at Kettle Falls so it’s all one level and they cut enough boards to replace some of the main support beams at One Man Lake Lodge. One Man is also having some renovations done on the wall behind where the wood stove sits and brought in all new stone for when we can get out there on water. Everything where it was supposed to be before the ice really started to melt.

Building outhouses at our shore lunch locations
Dock work at Kettle Falls
Cutting firewood this spring
Crossing the ice at sunset

Border Update

The US/Canada border is still closed until May 21, 2021.

At this time the governments will announce whether the border closure will have another 30 day extension. We will keep everyone informed when there are any changes.

Hoping to see Americans this summer!

As we sit and hope for the best for this summer to be open to Americans, we’ve made some plans to get a few things done. February had warm temperatures and some beautiful sunny days. We wanted to renovate the bathroom in the guest cabin at One Man in preparation for the summer. Jamie and Chris demo’d the bathroom and started installing drywall and replacing the floor. With the nice weather, Jamie and Chris started going to some of the outposts and hauling goods in and out using snowmobiles and sleighs whether it was empty propane tanks or fuel drums.  We had brought in a snowmobile to Chase Lake when the cabin was replaced and they hauled that back 40 miles down the snowmobile trail.

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Thank you for putting together another great event. The lodge staff, facility and boats were outstanding. Always enjoy spending time with good people that enjoy a little fun competition, too. Looking forward to another great trip next year. Thank you all again for making the trip so enjoyable.
Gary Noisworthy, Missouri

What's Happening at Halley's

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