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Kettle Falls Lodge

We welcome guests to visit Kettle Falls Lodge, our very renowned lodge on the English River. We have been offering guests this destination since the early 1960s and continue to spoil fishermen with the legendary walleye, northern pike and smallmouth bass fishing. The fishing has had many groups return generation after generation as the fishing is incomparable to other waters. We invite groups that are amateur or professional as we have the perfect fishing available for everyone. Please come and test our waters for the quality and quantity of our fishing as it’s really like no other! We are in the heart of Halley Country and the only way in and out of the lodge is either by plane or boat. We offer our guests many options to travel into Kettle Falls choosing to either fly from Fort Frances, Winnipeg, or Kenora; shuttle from Fort Frances or Winnipeg and fly in from Kenora; or boat in from our Caribou Falls Landing.

And aerial view of the Lodge and dock at Kettle Falls.

Guest seating space inside the Lodge at Kettle Falls.The boardwalk at Kettle Falls fishing resort connects many of our buildings and cabins.

History at Kettle

Halley’s Camps Kettle Falls originally started as a hunting camp in the late 1950s and then later turned into a fishing camp on barges with one kitchen and the other equipped with guest rooms—lots has changed over the years. The main lodge was built with local timber on our sawmill in the early 1980s. The lodge houses a large guest dining room, guest registration and our souvenir shop. With many cabins being built throughout the 1980s and really establishing Kettle Falls roots, it’s one place that we are very proud of.  In 1999, we extended the lodge and made a large conference room for our guests which offers free wifi, card tables, satellite tv, an exceptionally large lakeside deck and more.

Tables and seating in the leisure space at the Kettle Falls Lodge.

The Lodge

Stepping into Kettle Falls Lodge is an amazing sight with the high featured ceilings, nature’s inspiration and historical values and features throughout the lodge. Our huge stone fireplace in the center of the lodge is heartwarming on cool evenings.  We love to go the extra mile and looking at our handmade whittled lock on our front doors will bring you back to a part of our history decades ago. Our dining room is the showcase of the lodge and you can find more about our dining here. While guests can enjoy a drink from our licensed stocked bar, they can take in the ambiance of the welcoming hospitable attitude at Kettle Falls that makes everyone feel as if they are in their home away from home. Guests can always contact us prior to their trip to arrange their favorite drinks to be at the lodge for their arrival. Our souvenir shop in the lodge has quality selected clothing, hats, rain gear, snacks and many toiletries options for if one would require.

We welcome fishermen that are family, friends, colleagues, college roommates, etc. to come and experience our great hospitality, comfy accommodations, delicious food, an atmosphere filled with awesomeness and fishing that is out of this world and will have you hooked for life!


We have a total of 9 suites and cabins throughout the premises at Kettle Falls Lodge all accessible by our board walks. You won’t hear the hustle and bustle of any city with cars honking or have the lights of the city in your windows to keep you from sleeping! The extra plush beds will have you feel like you are at a fishing oasis. Our daily maid service will freshen your towels daily and any extras that might be required. Each cabin has its own coffee maker for the early risers and fridges to keep your drinks cold. We also have satellite internet available in each of the cabins.

Exterior of a cabin at Kettle Falls

A detail photo of the bathroom at one of the Kettle Falls resort cabins.Our suites are very comfortable for 1-2 fishermen per suite. With 2 beds with new bedding and fluffy duvets, fishermen will curl up and sleep all night in the coziness of our beds. Each suite has its own bathroom with a tub/shower surround. The view of the lake is beautiful from the suites and seeing the sunrise is absolutely breathtaking. Enjoy being a quick close walk to the lodge or to the docks.

There are a total of 6 private cabins that are equipped with 3 bedrooms and a full bathroom per bedroom making a total of 3 bathrooms in each cabin. We want everyone to be as comfortable as they can and enjoy the extra space. We also feature patios and deck furniture of each cabin to be able to start or unwind your day with us. The nature’s sights and sounds are healing and memorable and so are your times spent with your friends or family you brought with you! Relax, unwind, and destress.




Our dining is included with all of our packages at Kettle Falls. We prepare everything with great care and ease for your dining pleasure. Our meals are absolutely delicious served with high quality foods and service.  Our breakfasts and dinners are served in our lodge dining room while lunches are on the lake. When you hear the bell ring, you know that its meal time and that it’s time to make your way to the lodge as one of your dining meals is ready and prepared for you!

Kettle Falls Lodge dining room full of guests enjoying a delicious dinner.
Guests enjoying their breakfast in the Kettle Falls Lodge dining room.

To start your day

Our breakfasts are nice and hearty to get fishermen prepped to be enjoying their days on the water and include: eggs, bacon, a variety of sausages, hash browns, waffles, French toast, fresh fruit trays, homemade cinnamon rolls, hot oatmeal, cold cereal and much more! Coffee, tea, and a wide range of juices are ready for the early birds at 6:00 a.m!

Guide cooking shorelunch while guests look onA pan full of battered walleye

Shore lunch is at the sun’s peak of the day

Our lunches are served at the water’s edge at our shore lunch sites. Enjoy your personally fresh caught walleye/pickerel served with the perfect pairings—fried potatoes, baked beans, extras for making fish sandwiches, and don’t forget the desserts! Shore lunches are such a memorable part of many fishermen’s fishing trips with us—watch your guides fillet the fish, build a campfire and cook over the open flames—this is the way it’s been done at Halley’s Camps for 75 years—absolutely perfected!

Unwind at supper

Sunset view from the Lodge at Kettle Falls.

After a day on the water, enjoy a drink from our licensed bar or try out our suggested paired wine of the evening to go with the dinner being served that night. Our dinners are absolutely astonishing with quality cut proteins, varieties of salads, vegetables and root veggies with herbs, fresh breads and delightful pies, cakes, or fruit crisps to finish off your nightly dining experience.


Please advise us before your arrival for allergies and dietary restrictions. We also offer a children’s menu.


We are on the very western section of the English River, just east of Umfreville Lake by 15 miles. We have 100’s of miles of shoreline to work with as we are the only outfitter for miles in any direction. The varied underwater structure along with the moving stained cool river water provides the ultimate walleye, northern pike and smallmouth bass fishing. The river has 3 major tributaries in the heart of Halley country: The Sturgeon River, Werner River and the Winding River.

A huge walleye caught by a pair of fisherman at Kettle Falls.
A guest at Kettle Falls shows off his trophy northern pike catch.

An aerial view of the Lodge, tackle shop and 14 of our fishing boats.A view of all the fishing boats docked at our resort.Boats

Yes, we do have lots of water to fish but another important feature is comfort while fishing and that is what we’ve got here-18’ Lund Alaskans with 50 hp 4 stroke Mercury motors on them. These boats have lots of legroom, padded swivel seats, splash guards for back trolling, depth finders, extra storage compartments and all the boating safety gear. The 4 stroke motors are absolutely a necessity as they are so quiet for you to be able to enjoy the boat conversations with everyone. We also provide all the water and soda for the boat as well as the minnows and ice.


Our guides laughing while they prepare shore lunchA wall of fishing rods available at our sport shop.Guides at Kettle Falls are necessary to be able to fish around this section of the lakes and river. Our guides are very much experienced and most have been with us for years. We do offer an array of different packages as if you have 4 people you can choose to have 1 or two guides for your party and if you have 6, you can choose to have 1-3 guides-completely your preference. Guides work for us seasonally in the summer months and know our style of fishing and the river like the back of their hand and have a lot of experience assisting our guests to having a great fishing trip. Guides at lunch time will also prepare and cook your shore lunch.


Fishing gear and tackle available at our pro tackle shop.An exterior photo of our large pro-tackle shop at Kettle Falls fishing resort.Don’t know what to pack for tackle? Don’t worry about it as we have our pro-tackle shop right next to the boat dock. If needed, we or your guide can assist you in selecting tackle. All of our tackle is guide tested and approved. We have a variety of jigs, spoons, Mepps, Rapalas, line, rain suits, sunglasses, suntan lotion and much more. Looking to rent a rod so you don’t have to haul it on the international flights? We’ve got you covered offering rod and reel rentals. Each fishing rod rental comes with two rods-1 for walleye and smallmouth bass fishing and the other setup is complete for trolling/casting for northern pike/trout/musky.

Daily Fly-Outs

Looking to be adventurous? We have our daily fly-outs as an extra option for fishermen to add a little spark to their fishing trip. Tell us what type of fish you’d like to sought after whether its walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike, trout or musky (which is available after the middle of June); and we will arrange for your group and your guide/s to go to your own lake where we have boats and motors set up for you all to use for the day. We will load you up into one of our float planes after breakfast, bring your group to the lake, fish for the day, the guide will make you shore lunch or have a packed lunch, fish the afternoon and the plane will pick you up and take you back to the lodge for 5:00 p.m.


At Kettle, the fishing is so amazing that we challenge our guests to see if they catch more fish out of a boat during the day or off the dock in the evening. We also have kayaks, horseshoe, corn hole, a fire pit, and walking trails.

One of the stand-up paddleboards available for our guests at Kettle Falls.
A pair of flotation tubes on a beach

For those who are interested in fishing only partial days and want to experience our neck of the woods, we have our new adventure package. We invite guests to come and fish half days with us and explore our nature and find an adventure in the afternoon. This is perfect for families to get the new young fishermen into fishing and a great family vacation to have everyone having fun. Guests on this package would fish the morning, catch their fresh fish for shore lunch, and after shore lunch be able to go with your guide to do some of the following: stand up paddle board or kayak to an island for an afternoon swim, hike to another lake and enjoy refreshments next to the falls, count eagle nests on a boat ride and see land marks and take in some local history, a pontoon ride to a sandy beach and play in the water with tubes and beach balls.

Rates & Available Dates

We strive to keep our online availability up to date, however, it’s always best to call us for current available booking dates.

Call 1-800-465-3325. We look forward to hearing from you!

To download our current booking rates, please view or download our All-Inclusive Brochure.

Kettle Falls Lodge


June 21 – 27, 2024 for 3-6 people
June 27 – July 01, 2024 for 3-6 people
July 04 – 11, 2024 for 2-10 people
July 14 – 18, 2024 for 4-6 people
July 10 – 16, 2024 for 4-12 people
July 26 – August 05, 2024 for 2-4 people
July 27 – August 02, 2024 for 4-6 people
August 03 – 10, 2024 for 3-10 people
August 14 – 19, 2024 for 2-20 people
August 25 – 31, 2024 for 2-18 people
August 31 – September 05, 2024 for 2-20 people
September 05 – 10, 2024 for 2-16 people
September 10 – 15, 2024 for 2-16 people

Kettle Falls Lodge

The fish are biting—what are you waiting for?

We truly enjoyed our trip, thanks again for the wonderful hospitality!
James Livingston, Wisconsin

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