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Caribou Falls Landing

Caribou Falls Landing is located 34 miles north of Minaki and is a great location if you’re looking to tailor your own unique fishing vacation in Ontario—make your own schedule and set your own fishing pace. Here is where you’ll find phenomenal walleye, smallmouth bass, and northern pike fishing. Numerous weedy bays, countless islands and miles of deep cool moving water provide the perfect backdrop for your Canadian fishing trip. You can choose to fish close to the lodge, or be adventurous and explore the waters of the English River.

View of the Lodge from on the water at sunset

Inside the lodge convenience storeThe Store/Lodge

The lodge at Caribou Falls Landing is a one stop shop! The lodge houses a small grocery store with all the basic necessities as well as fresh milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits, lunch meat, cheese and more. The bait and tackle shop offers an array of fishing gear-convenient for your fishing tactics, rods, reels, jigs, spoons, and for live bait you can choose to purchase minnows or leeches. We also have an array of souvenirs in the lodge and any extra toiletries for if a fisherman might require. Premium gas, ice, and fishing and hunting licenses can also be purchased at the Landing.

Inside the bait shopWe do offer our guests WiFi down at the lodge either on the large lakeside deck or available from in our dining room in the lodge.

Historical landmark of Halley’s Camps

The Landing was considered the gateway to the English River for the Halley family and Halley’s Camps. Halley’s Camps was started in 1946 in Kenora, Ontario but in 1963, grandpa Louie Halley started using the ‘Landing’ as a parking spot basically to get fishermen to Kettle Falls Lodge. Louie would boat American guests to Kettle Falls to experience some great walleye and northern fishing. Eventually Louie and Yvonne created a store with a small campground at Caribou Falls Landing where they started expanding over the years with rental cabins for fishermen. With the aging of Louis and Yvonne, came changes as Gene and Wanda ran Caribou Falls Landing for years until their son, Chris and his wife, Amber took over in 2002.


There are eight rental cabins on premises at Caribou Falls Landing which all differ in size. The cabins either have two, three or four bedrooms and depending on the number of bedrooms, they range from 4 to 12 people in each cabin. In some of the largest cabins that we have, we offer 2 fridges in the kitchen and 2 full bathrooms. Most bedrooms in the cabins have 2 beds in each but some have 3 beds.

A view of cabin 7 through the trees

The cabins are modernized and are fully equipped with a kitchen that has a stove, refrigerator, microwave and all the kitchen utensils and dishes. Outside of each cabin we do provide a charcoal barbecue. We have box spring beds giving fisherman a great night’s sleep. For those cool evenings, there are electric baseboard heaters in the cabins. The cabins are cleaned in between parties and we provide fresh linens such as sheets and towels. We have many comforts of home such as hot and cold running water, and in each of the cabins we furnish 1-2 bathrooms with flushing toilets, and either walk in showers or tub/surround shower.  Each cabin has a private deck allowing fisherman to watch the beautiful Canadian sunsets. There is also furniture to gather on and around to swap fishing tales after a day’s fish. Fishermen will be quite cozy at Caribou Falls Landing.


We do have a small campground that offers campers a place to hang their hat too. We do have a campground that offers nightly camping for tents and a few spots available for RV’s. For all campers, we do offer a public shower/washroom facility.

Cabin 1

Minimum 6 people, 8 maximum

3 bedrooms (8 beds)—Room 1: 2 single beds; Room 2: 3 single beds; and Room 3: 2 single beds and one double bed.

1.5 bathrooms—one full bathroom and one 1/2 bath with sink & toilet

Cabin 2

Minimum 4 people, 6 maximum

2 bedrooms (5 beds)—Room 1: 1 single bed and 1 double bed; and Room 2: 3 single beds.

1 bathroom

Offers a pullout queen couch

Cabin 3

Minimum 6 people, 9 maximum

3 bedrooms (9 beds)—Each room has 3 single beds

1.5 bathrooms—one full bathroom and one ½ bath with sink and toilet

Cabin 4

Minimum 6 people, 8 maximum

3 bedrooms (7 beds)—Room 1: 2 single beds and 1 double bed; Room 2: 3 single beds; and Room 3: 1 single bed

1.5 bathrooms—one full bathroom and one ½ bath with sink and toilet

Offers a pullout queen couch

Cabin 5

Minimum 8 people, 12 maximum

4 bedrooms (12 beds)—3 single beds in each bedroom

2 full bathrooms

2 fridges

Cabin 6

Minimum 4 people, 6 maximum

2 bedrooms (6 beds)—3 single beds in each bedroom

1 bathroom

Cabin 7

Minimum 4 people, maximum 6

2 bedrooms (4 beds)—2 single beds in each bedroom

1 bathroom

Offers queen size pullout couch and room for a cot

Cabin 8

Minimum 8 people, maximum 10

4 bedrooms (10 beds)—2 bedrooms have 3 single beds; 2 bedrooms have 1 single bed and 1 double bed.

2 full bathrooms

2 fridges

Offers queen size pullout couch

Boats & Docking

At Caribou you can bring your own boats, or you can rent from our large fleet of 18’ Lund Alaskans with Mercury 50 hp motors. Our boats include depth finder, live well and bait well, splash guards, padded pedestal seats, basic boating equipment and large flat floors that make fishing comfortable. Our boats are stocked with basic boating equipment such as paddles, swivel seats, nets, life jackets and minnow buckets.

Boat Rentals & Docking

At Caribou Falls Landing we give our guests the option to bring their own boat or rent from us. If guests bring their own boat, we have a boat launch and lots of docking space available. On each of the docks electrical hookups are there to plug your batteries in.

Our large fleet of rental boats consist of new 18’ Lund Alaskan boats with 50hp 4-stroke Mercury motors. These boats have flat bottom floors granting lots of legroom, live well and bait well, plenty of storage compartments, depth finder, splash guards, padded pedestal swivel seats, and come equipped with paddle, landing net, minnow bucket, life jackets, and a safety kit. The motors are exceptionally quiet and very fuel efficient. These are the same boats as our guides use and we do not use trolling motors as you can adjust the RPM on the motor for your trolling and back trolling option. The motors are easy to use with the electric start and trim for your convenience. The boats are best suited for 3 people but can accommodate up to 4 fishermen.

Rates & Available Dates

We strive to keep our online availability up to date, however, it’s always best to call us for current available booking dates.

Call 1-800-465-3325. We look forward to hearing from you!

To download our current booking rates, please view or download our All-Inclusive Brochure.

Caribou Falls Landing


July 11 – 18, 2024 for 8-10 people
August 01 – 06, 2024 for 6-8 people
August 08 – 12, 2024 for 8-12 people
August 14 – 03, 2024 for 4-6 people
August 17 – 24, 2024 for 6-9 people
August 21 – 28, 2024 for 4-6 people
August 31 – September 06, 2024 for 4-20 people
September 07 – 14, 2024 for 4-20 people

Caribou Falls Landing

The fish are biting—what are you waiting for?

Thanks for your planning, coordinating, and participation in the Canadian Fishing Trip; we had a great time and look forward to attending this event again in the future! Great place to spend quality time with good folks.
Steve Stinson, Alabama

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