Northern Pike Fishing in Canada

For the biggest and best northern pike fishing in Canada, come fish at Halley’s Camps on the English River. Ranging in size from 18 to 50 inches, northern pike are one of the top predators in the river and are known for their aggressiveness. When the big one hits, you better hope you have a good leader on! When you want the most exciting northern pike fishing in Canada, book your fishing trip at Halley’s Camps!

A fight with a pike for John B.

Finding Pike

Northern pike are known for their aggressiveness, and can be caught throughout the summer. They can be found around reefs and weedy bays, where underwater vegetation creates a perfect hunting habitat. Though often found in shallow water, pike will often be caught while jigging for walleye in deeper depths. As the warm summer months come to a close, move to deeper water to find for the best northern pike fishing.

Patrick’s first day of fishing in Canada—and he caught the largest fish in their group of 12, over their entire trip! As Patrick's very proud grandpa, Mike Ownby said, "Beginners Luck! Needless to say, he is HOOKED on Halley’s."

Catching Pike

Our favorite baits for northern pikes are spoons (size #2 in shiny, black and white, and five of diamonds colors), bucktails (medium to large, in black and orange colors), shad raps (in chartreuse, white and perch colors), and trolling lures (in bright, silver, and copper colors). And while those are our favorites, many anglers will tell you—you can catch ‘jackfish’ with just about anything!

Fishing Tips

If you’re fishing for the big northern pikes, buy the best quality leaders you can. These fish will fight you hard, and you want to be ready with the hardiest tackle you can get. Bring a wide variety of bait and lures with you, and remember that biggest isn’t always best when it comes to pike lures. Try shiny lures on sunny days, and colorful ones on cloudy days.

Some of the best fishing in Canada happens at Halley’s. Don’t believe us?    Check out our 2022 Trophy Fishing list »


Where to Stay

Fly-in to one of Halley's all-inclusive lodges.

All-Inclusive Lodges

Choose from One Man Lake Lodge or Kettle Falls Lodge for your all-inclusive trip to Canada. The northern pike fishing at both lodges is phenomenal, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to try your hand at walleye or smallmouth bass fishing.

Boat-in to Halley's Dufault Island cabin.

Boat-In Cabin

If you want the fly-in camp experience without having to fly, make your fishing trip a boat-in experience at our outpost on Dufault’s Island. You’ll drive to our lodge at Caribou Falls Landing, from where we’ll take you, via boat, five miles north to Dufault Island where the pike are always biting!

Drive-in to Halley's Caribou Falls Landing

Drive-In Cabins

Set your own schedule and fish at your own pace when you stay at our drive-in cabins at Caribou Falls Landing, an amazing Canadian fishing resort surrounded by the abundance of the English River. Bring your heavy tackle, because our waters are loaded with huge northern pike ready to fight you all the way into the boat!

Fly-in to one of Halley's remote fly-in fishing cabins.

Fly-In Cabins

Catch huge northern pike all day long when you stay at any one of our 10 remote fly-in cabins. The fishing at all of our camps is amazing—whether you’re fishing right from camp or if you choose a daily fly-out or a portage lake. We have some of the best northern pike fishing in Canada, right here.


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