Walleye Fishing in Canada

Some of the best walleye fishing in Canada happens right here, at Halley’s Camps on the English River. Ranging in size from 13 to 33 inches, walleye are typically gold-colored, with a dark green or blue tinted back and white belly. Jigging with live bait is the tried-and-true way to catch walleye, but they’re also known to bite a variety of artificial baits. If you’re looking for the biggest and best walleye fishing in Canada, book your fishing trip at Halley’s Camps!

A beautiful late-season walleye in the boat.

Finding Walleye

Walleye inhabit waters that have current, sheltered bays, rock points and shoals. You can successfully fish for walleye in water that’s anywhere from 8′ to 30′ deep, but however deep the water, you’ll usually find the walleye near the bottom. If you’re walleye fishing in Canada in spring or fall, head to shallower water. In the summer, look deeper—where they walleye have settled in for the warm months.

Catching trophy walleye right off the dock!

Catching Walleye

The Halley’s favorite bait for catching the whopper walleyes is live bait (minnows work best) and a jig. Jigs range from 1/4 – 3/8 oz, in an array of colors like orange, pink, plain lead, and chartreuse. Other successful walleye lures include deep ping crank baits (medium size in hot steel, orange, and perch colors), bright colored spoons, and power bait (medium size in orange, gold, and perch colors) with jigs, drop-shots, or spinners.

Boating in a 29.75" walleye

Fishing Tips

If you’re jigging for walleye, be sure you can feel the bottom of the river when you set your line. Choose lighter tackle with a clear, 6-10lb test monofilament or florocarbon line for best results. Stick with live bait (or soft artificial bait) in the summer months, leaving artificial hard baits for spring and fall.

Some of the best fishing in Canada happens at Halley’s. Don’t believe us?    Check out our 2022 Trophy Fishing list »


Where to Stay

Fly-in to one of Halley's all-inclusive lodges.

All-Inclusive Lodges

Choose from One Man Lake Lodge or Kettle Falls Lodge for your all-inclusive vacation to Canada. The walleye fishing at both lodges is phenomenal, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to try your hand at northern pike or smallmouth bass fishing.

Boat-in to Halley's Dufault Island cabin.

Boat-In Cabin

If you want the fly-in camp experience without having to fly, make your fishing trip a boat-in experience at our outpost on Dufault’s Island. You’ll drive to our lodge at Caribou Falls Landing, from where we’ll take you, via boat, five miles north to Dufault Island where the walleyes are always biting!

Drive-in to Halley's Caribou Falls Landing

Drive-In Cabins

Create your own unique fishing vacation at our drive-in cabins at Caribou Falls Landing. With our weedy bays, countless islands and miles of deep cool moving water you can catch all the walleye you can handle, while making your own schedule and setting your own pace.

Fly-in to one of Halley's remote fly-in fishing cabins.

Fly-In Cabins

Take your pick—from any of our 10 remote fly-in cabins you’ll be sure to catch your fill of walleye. The fishing at all of our camps is amazing, and though you can usually catch walleye right off the dock, you can also take a daily fly-out or a portage route for a change of scenery. Experience the true Canadian fishing trip.


Your Fishing Vacation Starts Now

Ready to experience some of the best walleye fishing in Canada? Whether you desire all the comfort and luxury of a lodge or the escape and adventure of an outpost experience, Halley’s Camps offers something unique for everyone.

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