June-Fishful and Thankful

We cannot begin to tell you all how good it was to see everyone in person and the handshakes, the hugs, the laughter, the fish stories-just everything about seeing so many people again-it was like a normal year. Well-almost normal. Everyone flying into Canada didn’t need any Covid tests but fishermen flying from Canada back into the states did-we had Covid tests on hand trying to make things easier for our customer’s travels. We were all ecstatic to hear that a week and a bit into June the testing requirements changed making it easier for all to return to the states without covid tests.

Speaking of travelling easier-all guests going to Caribou or using the Caribou Falls Landing as a gateway to get to Kettle, One Man or Dufault’s found it a lot easier to get across the road where the water was 32” high in May. We were hauling with our trucks our guests, their luggage and their boats as the water was too dang high. We were relieved when a company had been hired to come and fix the road after almost 2 weeks. The road was built up about 6-8’ in material and now we have lots of dry tires coming and going from camp and now our delivery trucks can get through too!! 

Forest Fire Season Flooded OUT

We sure didn’t have to worry about a fire season this June -we saw sun and rain throughout the month. Which is a good thing as compared to last year it was way too dry!

Kettle Falls Lodge

Guests were having a blast at Kettle Falls this month as the fishing was great and people were hooking into the fish! Still, a favorite of our shore lunches are the Canadian Maple Cream Cookies! The total trophy count at Kettle Falls was over 300 fish!! That is a lot of trophies!! Not only was the fishing good in quantity but the trophy count shows quality was there too – 30.5” walleye caught by Steve, a 42” pike caught by Nate and LOTS of 20” smallies!

One Man Lake Lodge

We had some awesome guests at One Man! Lots of return guests-the McCoy brothers were catching piles of nice bass-multiple, multiple trophies!! The Thompson group came up-this is multi decades of coming here to Halley’s Camps!! We actually had a couple of groups that were booked by the high school graduates as their high school graduation presents-how cool of a present is that??-a fishing trip to Halley’s Camps!! SCHOOLS OUT for SUMMER – which means the Halley kids’ guiding days are BACK!! Louis, Jonny and their cousin Seth started guiding lots of days! Louis guided a 3 generational family trip, the McCollums, and really caught the heck out of the fish – check out this large northern pike!! One Man guests enjoyed the new finishing touches around the lodge and had fantastic fishing!!

Caribou Falls Landing

Guests at Caribou Falls Landing and Dufault’s Island Outpost had some whopper stories of big fish and the Dickson group sure caught large exceptional bass and had walleye and pike trophy registries too. The Nelson brothers also had some great fish-37.25” lake trout was their monster and a pile of other trophies. Multiple northerns were caught at 40” and there were some over the 40” mark too-definitely picture worthy! 


Our outpost camps were sure busy this June! There were lots of smallmouth bass caught at Rex Lake and Moosehorn Lake. We had quite a few guests catch 19”+ smallmouth bass at the outposts. The bass were on the top water with the cold spring time waters and the bass spawned in mid-late June. The walleye were hitting amazing on Trapline Lake where we had guests hooking into the walleye one after another. The largest walleye caught at Trapline was 29” in the month of June.

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