April at Halleys

Checklist for the border:

  1. ArriveCan – this is a downloadable app or you can use the website to fill out your information within 72 hours BEFORE crossing the border. You will need your passport and pictures of your vaccination cards to fill out. It will ask you where you are staying:

    Halley’s Camps
    Loc KM279 Umfreville Lake
    Minaki, ON  P0X1J0
                        ↑ this is our postal code and has zeros not the letter “O”
    Just a reminder that Canada has not changed the rules for unvaccinated fishermen yet.
  2. Bring your passport
  3. Bring your vaccination cards or your vaccination proof

We are excited to see everyone again!

Canada, “Chickens Out”

Canada has banned visitors from bringing in chicken products including eggs. Please don’t bring your eggs or chicken across the US border!

What's Happening at Halley's

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