Feeling Lucky!

We are feeling lucky this month as the covid testing requirements to get into Canada have been removed as of April 1, 2022. All of our 2022 guests should have received their email of information on border updates and travel information.

The most common way to get to us are the following for 2022:

  1. Drive to Kenora and fly into our all-inclusive lodges and remote outpost cabins by putting in your google maps Halley’s Camps fly in Location
  2. Drive to our Caribou Falls Landing for your stay or use this as a “landing” to get to our all-inclusive lodges or our boat in outpost.

The other options of flying into Winnipeg or Fort Frances can be emailed to you by request.

Having to test the waters—twist our arm!

Well I don’t know if you would call it testing the waters or making sure we still know how to catch fish! We had an amazing time in March fishing and were the fish ever biting. The walleye tasted amazing!

Moving water

Many people have been asking if we still have ice and yes, we have ice! The snow is starting to melt and looks like spring—some grass is showing. The lake levels should be up this year (or back to normal after the drought from last summer) as we had so much snow over the winter. The creeks and rivers will really be flowing in the next couple of months.

Nature in its raw form spotlight

While getting to go out and enjoy the outdoors here as the temperatures have really warmed up, we have seen quite the wild life viewing.

Chris was flying to One Man and saw that there was a deer kill by a bunch of wolves. You can see here in the picture that there are 8 wolves some laying on the ice and some walking around. We have seen moose walking as we were snowmobiling in the north as well. Here is a picture of a moose taking advantage of nice weather.

Wolf pack
Lone moose


Here minnow, minnow, minnow! Chris is cutting the ice here to be able to minnow trap through the ice. Chris wanted to minnow trap to prepare for this spring’s walleye fishing! Check out how cool this is!!

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