The month of December is spent differently for most-for some it is a time for hunting, the start of ice fishing, prepping and shopping for the holiday season and making plans for the next year’s fishing adventures. Spending time with friends and loved ones is an awesome way to come together and for some its not just at Christmas. We are a destination for not only fishing but as a meeting place friends and family during the summer fishing season.

Here is a quick video of driving through the yard in our winter wonderland at One Man Lake! This video was from early December when the English River was still open. The frigid cool temperatures in mid-December really set in and the river froze over by Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of our previous, current and future fishermen and hunters! We hope that your Christmas was full love and that our fishermen received lots of fishing tackle and gear from Santa!

Happy New Years to everyone and wishing a safe and memorable start of 2022!! Our New Year’s resolution is to be able to be able to welcome our American guests in 2022! Let’s go fishing!!

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