Story of a Christmas Miracle

On Christmas Eve, I was told that there was a dog that walked into the yard at One Man Lake Lodge the previous Monday. Chris and I talked about it and we posted a note on the bulletin board at White Dog Reserve online. I received messages about a gentleman that was missing his dogs from east of One Man by 45 miles. He had gone out hunting and his dogs went out after him later and they went the wrong way. Only one dog made it out of the two. I told the owner that it was the one with the blue collar and he told me the dog’s name was Blade. The owner mentioned that his kids were jumping for joy hearing one of the dogs is still alive. To complete this miracle that the dog made it that far, Chris and his daughter Reagan offered to meet up with him and bring him to One Man to get his dog on Christmas Day. We borrowed him a snowmobile and sleigh and he was reunited, able to bring Blade home for his family. That is one lucky pooch!

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