Happy Holidays!

This December isn’t a contender with the cold like other years. We still have warm weather and hardly any snow. You can look at the lakes around here and see half the lakes spotted with snow and bare ice! We are usually across the English River making our way to One Man the first week of December but there wasn’t enough ice this year. It was a couple of weeks behind.

It was great to hear all the people calling to get Christmas presents in the shape of either gift certificates for trips to Halley’s Camps or the full Monty-the entire fishing trip paid. It was also great to have people phoning to wish us all a Merry Christmas and check in. We have our fingers crossed for this summer!

Still to date, the Canada and the US border is still closed. Once a month the border situation reviewed whether there is going to be another monthly extension. We are very optimistic as you have all heard that the vaccine is getting ready to be rolled out across the states. This is very good news to us as we are hoping that the more people are vaccinated in the states, the earlier the border will open.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Family, friends, health and happiness are something to capture at this time of year. And after the year we just had, try taking some extra time to treasure everyone in your life and what better than on a fishing vacation spending the quality time together and making memories that last you a lifetime.

We do have available dates on our www.halleyscamps.com. If you are interested in any dates or know someone who might be looking for a fishing vacation, please contact us.

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