September-the colorful month.

WOW-the colors started changing into the bright yellows and oranges early this year. The changing colors of the leaves were absolutely gorgeous. Our guests also enjoyed looking at the northern lights. At Caribou, the northern lights were shining a week straight that would come out at around 9:30pm and last for hours. Guests would take pictures of the northern lights but it’s just breathtaking watching the yellows and greens dancing across the northern skies.

Kelly and Kerry decided to book a quick couple’s trip and enjoyed their fishing trip. They had bonfires at night and even though they are used to fishing in July they had great fishing reports!

Chris and Amber flew to one of our trout lakes for the day with Amber’s parents and HOLY the trout were biting!! It was a super fun afternoon and got to put a few trout in the smoker as well! For those looking to trout fish specifically, aim your trip for September!

Reagan got to go fishing with Gene up on a secret fish spot #72 and they were catching the walleyes in the current off the rocks!

Sometimes it’s fishing in the morning and watching the football games in the afternoon on Sundays! Here is part of the crew watching the game with appetizers and all!

Again, we do our best to accommodate fishermen as we have some pretty amazing fishing. We were the answer to some fishermen that were fishing elsewhere and they called from on the lake to see if we had availability the next day as our fishing is incomparable. This group caught so many fish this year and they are booked in again to come with Halley’s Camps in 2024! Call us for last minute trips-we will do our best to get you fishing! 

Kettle Falls

Why are goodbyes always so hard! September was a shorter month at Kettle Falls with the last bell for breakfast being rung at 7am on September 10th! September did not stop the Trophy awards with 17 handed out in that short of time! Wow congratulations fishermen & fisherwoman! 

Tom and David were the last guests at Kettle Falls. David caught 3 Trophy Walleye and a 19-inch Trophy Bass and Tom was able to land a Trophy Bass and a 29 ½ inch walleye! Great job guys! 

Al, a very seasoned Halley’s Camps fisherman, brought his fishing gang with him again at our Kettle Falls Lodge. They had amazing weather to start-look at their pictures-they are wearing shorts in September-beautiful blue skies-how can you beat that when the fish are biting?!? They fished, they laughed, ate fish, and cliff jumped!  Ben caught some nice fish while he was here-he registered a trophy smallmouth bass and a northern pike!

Time to go! Along with the last guest leaving the Staff at Kettle Falls all pitched in to get camp closed up, goodbyes until next season were exchanged. Check out the picture of them leaving on this beautiful fall morning. 

Thank you to all who came and visited Kettle Falls this summer! Chris, Amber and Lisa look forward to seeing you all again next summer!

One Man Lake Lodge

We have had many groups over the years and as the years go on, we all age. It was a sad moment when a fisherman realizes the time when they cannot go fishing anymore. Bill would come with his sons and friends (2 of them came in June) to come fishing at One Man and he loved his annual trips. This year, his son Chris came for the first time without his dad. He did carry on the fishing tradition that was instilled upon him by his dad and he brought his wife. They had some fantastic fishing and looks like we will be seeing them again for future trips!

Outposts-fin and fur month!

Our September consists of hunting and fishing. This year our fishing group from Minnesota caught some beautiful walleyes at Trapline. Kevin landed a 29.5” walleye and David had a 27.5” walleye. Fishing was on their radar and had an amazing trip. Jim and Leiza came up on their 2nd trip in 2023 to Rex Lake. They love the fishing, the views, the exploring, the hiking, and the time spent at Rex! They look forward to every trip and are truly good-hearted people and Chris and Amber had the pleasure of visiting with them at Rex Lake.

Our moose hunting groups in September are way up north and depart from our Caribou Falls Landing. The group this year was a mix of family and friends. They had some action around them and while they were in camp, the bull moose was right across the bay from them! Check out their pictures-a trip to remember!!

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