July 2023

July fishing at Halley’s Camps was absolutely stellar! The weather was amazing and it was a month of happy fishermen!

July KFL

Our long-time guest Steve brought up Chloe, his granddaughter and a new fisherman at Halley’s Camps. Chloe had fun fishing and had 2 trophies herself and Grandpa Steve hooked into 5 trophies measuring 27.5, 27.5, 27.75, 28.5, & 29!!

The Boysen family made a memorable trip to remember a loved one, Aaron, that had fished many years at Kettle Falls with Kent Feeds years ago. One of his final wishes was his family to come and go fishing and experience what he had at Kettle Falls for years. The family enjoyed their time up at Kettle fishing and enjoying the sunset pontoon cruise. Great family trip!

This is Jacob and Mary Lane-they were fishing up at Kettle Falls in July and had a wonderful time. She was pregnant at the time and now they have their new little one, Jase-he will be able to get his own Trophy Waters hat in the future! 

Caribou July

We cannot believe the fishing stories! Everyone all year keeps saying that this was by far the BEST fishing that they have had! We had Tom come up with his normal crew and they went through over 8# of leeches and in one day they had 5 trophy walleyes in One boat!

Willets made their annual trip and brought their granddaughters again and had a great time fishing. Can those 2 little girls ever catch the fish!! Look at the picture here!! Billy had a beautiful walleye measuring in at 30”!

The 1,000-mile cat. So, walking across the yard we saw a guest was running from their boat that they just launched in the lake and was now parked on a dock. It looked like he had a cat in his arms running to the cabin. Later they came into the lodge and said you won’t believe it. While he was parking the boat, he saw one of their barn cats that must’ve hidden inside the boat while it was parked at home. Later, we got them cat food and a litter box. The cat travelled for 2 days in the boat to Caribou! That was the first time we ever heard of anything like that happening!!

OML July 2023

July is the month of our large parties at One Man. We have had a group that has been coming for 23 years and it was sad, but this year was the first trip without Hutch, the owner of the company, as he passed away last fall. The group came up and fished One Man but it wasn’t the same without their superpower heading the group. Craig and the guys had a great time fishing and we look forward to future trips in Hutch’s honor.

Katie brought her daughter Lincoln to One Man to fish in Ontario her first time. She had great fishing and caught lots of fish and ended up catching a 28.5” trophy walleye! Great mother/daughter fishing experience!

Outposts July

Who says that the fishing slows down as the summer goes on? Where is that because that is not here! We have had huge numbers of fish being caught and it wasn’t only the quantity of fish being caught but the quality as well!

We had another large family group join us at our beautiful Trapline Lake in July. They had great fishing and they are excited to be coming back in 2024! One Trapline Lake group, The McElligots, really got gold stars when they caught a 33” Lake trout, 39” pike, and three 28” walleyes during their stay. Not only is it family and friends, but their fur babies as well-they brought 2 dogs to fish with them! Another group that travelled from a far came from Boise, ID. This group caught a pile of fish at Rex Lake boating lots of smallmouth bass with some trophies!!

What's Happening at Halley's

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