A Spooky Month at Halley’s!

It’s huntin’ month around here! Our moose hunts this fall were amazing. We had groups in from all over Canada tracking or calling moose in. All of our hunts this year were unguided. We had many groups that were successful being able to take a moose and will have nice lean meat to fill their freezer. Whether its roasts, steaks, sausage or jerky-moose meat has such a nice mellow flavor.

The cold weather hit in October-we had one night that was -13°C which is about 8°F—it was very cold and windy. With the cold weather, our summer camp at Caribou Falls Landing had to winterize many buildings as we were hosting contractors that were living in the cabins and eating in the lodge dining room daily.  There was snow and ice all around making it look like a day in December. We served them up a large turkey dinner for our Canadian Thanksgiving on October 12th. To commence Halloween some of the guys staying had brought their pirate hats and their “ar” to the dining room and gave us all a chuckle.

Chris was able to go out moose hunting with his oldest son, Louis, and was able to get a moose almost immediately-wow what a great tasting moose it was-it was a young bull. Partridge, geese and ducks were also some of the other hunting items that were on the successful lists.

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