What's Happening at Halley's

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Planes are ready for water!

New Outpost Supplies

This April we were prepping for the season and replenishing dishes at the fly-in cabins, along with some new beds and nightstands.

Sparkle & Shine at Moosehorn

The weather was fantastic for working outside so Gene, Kirk and Jamie moved new boats into Moosehorn. The shiny new boats are impressive— they’ll provide our guests with the ultimate comfort while fishing at our outposts. The old boats are still good and we’ll put them to good use at our fly-in lakes. With all that work crossed off their list for the day, why not sled over to a perfectly good walleye lake, wet a line and catch fresh supper? Yumm-O!

One Man Lake

At the start of March we literally had one man living on One Man Lake island! Kirk, one of our pilots from the past two summers, has made the lodge his residence again until May when he starts flying again. Construction really picked up the first week of March, with all of the guest room ceilings being replaced with new insulation and pine boarding. The walls were stripped out, sound-proof insulation was added and covered with thick drywall. While that was being done we replaced all of the headboard lights and installed USB plug-ins above the new night stands. The guest rooms look amazing. The game rooms and dining room had new carpet installed, which looks dynamite! The overhaul was needed and we thank everyone who put their time and effort into making it spectacular!

Fishing Fanatics

March is the best month (we think) to ice fish—the weather is beautiful, there isn’t too much snow and slush on the lakes, and the fish are hungry! All of us have had a chance to head out fishing for some sort of species this month: walleyes, northern pike, and trout. Our favorite bait of choice is still a jig and a minnow. Check out this video featuring the kids and a big northern!







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A remarkable family business success story… Halley’s accommodations are second to none, very modern, and well-maintained, and employees that are always helpful. The fishing is excellent. My sons, daughters and grandchildren all treasure the Halley’s experience and can’t wait to go back.
Rich Severson, Florida

What's Happening at Halley's

Sign up for monthly updates about what's happening and what's on the line at Halley's