March 2023

Fishermen fishing this summer with us: CHECK YOUR PASSPORT EXPIRY DATES. We want to see you this summer!!! Ensure that you can come fishing this summer with a quick look at your passports!

Chris loves to be able to fly in the winter time as you can get around so easily. Check out the scenery from up above! Gorgeous winter views!! This plane here is fully equipped with skis so he can land on the snow.

Lake trout for supper! Quick family recipe: put fresh trout fillets on a greased baking dish/pan, add lemon wedge, sliced onion, seasonings (we love Old Bay) and sliced tomato. For those who like ketchup you can even put a little squeeze on that. Bake it at 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes until fillets just start to shrink-your fish is cooked!

What's Happening at Halley's

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