January 2023

Happy New Year!! To bring in the New Year why not go fishing? Chris caught this lake trout when he was out working on camps…hard work, eh? No, Chris and Jonny went cutting firewood for the remote (outpost) camps in preparation for the summer. After being out on trails and snowmobiles, it’s nice to stop and make a fire to warm up your lunch. Lots of times with the frigid temperatures sandwiches get so solid by lunchtime you could break a tooth. The fire is nice to warm up next to and heat/thaw your lunch!

We were able to do some of our sport shows in January…we have been doing the Kansas City sport show for decades and the show was cancelled due to loss of venue and St Paul was cancelled as well. We went to Milwaukee, WI and it was great to be back in the saddle again after not doing any sport shows since prior to Covid.

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