August at Halley’s

Normally we would be posting pictures of fish, shore lunch, and our guests having an amazing time fishing. Our current reality is taking pictures of little projects that we are completing. This August was definitely a different one compared to what we are used to. We at Caribou, (Chris, Amber, Bob and Kim) were working to take care of all of the cooking and cleaning for all the crews that we had in camp.  

We made time to get to Kettle Falls and start some projects there. Chris, Bob and Jonny had leveled out the lodge while Kim and Amber were taking one some painting on the lake side of the lodge. Even though we had no guests at Kettle this summer, maintenance still had to be performed on the grounds and buildings. Some of the big ticket items were tree clearing and brush clearing. We are looking forward to next year to hear the laughter and chatting from all staff and guests and smelling the tasty aromas of the homemade meals baking and cooking.

One Man has been very quiet as well. We did some tree clearing and organized a plan to replace some of the logs in the lodge’s front walls. Chris and the boys went to the mill and cut enough lumber to be able to replace the logs in the near future.

What's Happening at Halley's

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