June Update

Started being open to essential workers at Caribou Falls Landing. Which in this case it was construction workers and iron workers that are currently doing work on the Caribou Falls power dam that is right across the bay from us. It was announced on June 4th that we could be open to having Canadian fishing guests come and stay with us. When that was announced we only had from that point for 16 days until the next announcement of whether the border was going to open on June 21, 2020. We did have a couple of groups but that didn’t leave much room to book already booked cabins at Caribou Falls Landing. Then it was announced later in June that the federal US/Canada border was going to remain closed until July 21, 2020.

Well even with no guests, the amount of lawn cutting that has to be done is absolutely unreal! The lodges have huge yards to cut but the after picture is still breathtaking how beautiful each premises are. With Chris, Amber and their 2 boys Louis and Jonny maintain all 3 lodges and the boat in outpost, Dufault’s and with guests in, it’s been busy. We called Bob and Kim the Kettle Falls managers to come and work for us in July so we can get lots of plans, renovations, and ideas in the works up and down the river.

But it cannot be all work and no play-fishing here we come!! Chris brought a group of us out fishing and it was a nice summer day and we caught the heck out of the fish! Amber caught over a 30” walleye, smiled for the picture and released it ready for one of our guests to catch next year when it’s even bigger!

What's Happening at Halley's

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