March Update

As all of you know, this is the month that the pandemic hit strongly all across the world. We are feeling for everyone who cannot enjoy the outdoors throughout all of this. We are so very thankful that we live where we live—we live amongst some of the greatest nature in the Canadian Shield. All of us here went to the grocery stores as limited as possible every 1-3 weeks and not going in public places. We still worked through the month of March with Chris, Amber, Rob and Bev at our office. We were lucky that our backyards have lakes that we were able to go and fish, ice roads to get us to other fishing holes, and miles of snowmobile trails that we could use for access to ice fish. We caught our own minnows, fished with our families, and the outdoors became our social life with the birds, squirrels and all the other woodland animals.

What's Happening at Halley's

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