Halley's 2019 Trophy Fishing List

As our guests all know, we keep a record of all trophy fish caught at our lodges and outposts for the Trophy Waters Conservation Area listings.

The minimum lengths for trophy fish caught in the Trophy Waters area is actually more stringent than the rest of Ontario. It is true, and we are proud of the fact. Associated partners of Ontario Travel have regulated that the following lengths apply throughout the rest of Ontario to qualify your fish as a trophy: 30 inches for northern pike compared to our 38 inches, 25 inches for walleye compared to our 27 inches, and 17 inches for smallmouth bass compared to our 18 inches.

So what does this mean for you? When fishing at Halley’s Camps in the Trophy Waters, you are fishing in a well preserved, well maintained conservation fishing area. It means a fantastic fishing vacation with plenty of fish, and a real chance at a “true” trophy. You do the math. Then come and experience Halley’s for yourself!

A total of 231 trophy walleyes registered with the largest was 31.75"
A total of 206 trophy northern pike with the largest being 48"
A total of 1154 trophy smallmouth bass registered with the largest being 21.25"
A total of 7 trophy trout with the largest being 33.5"


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