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Halley's Camps

Right Lake Outpost

Right Lake is truly the “right” place to unwind amid the wilderness. This knotty pine outpost cabin in the rustic style is suited for parties of four but can hold up to six fishermen. Large windows on two walls capture the picturesque scenery almost as if you are standing on the outside deck. Guests here will enjoy the shower and flushing toilet in the adjacent building as well as the solar system powering the lights and electric fridge.

Large lakes with winding rivers attaching them makes for a healthy fishery of walleye, smallmouth bass, and northern pike. Catching dinner off the dock at Right Lake will take you just minutes! You are able to hike into Babe Lake for more walleye, smallmouth bass and northern fishing that is incomparable. Also for a day’s adventure is Arrow Lake that many fishermen enjoy the fun walleye and northern fishing. Bring your camera as you are guaranteed to catch trophies while staying at this “right” lake.

Native Fish

Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, and Northern Pike

Portage Lakes

Babe: Portage is 120 yards, 2-14’ boats with 9.9 hp

Fish: Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, and Northern Pike

Arrow: Portage is 150 yards, 1-14’ boat with 6 hp

Fish: Walleye and Northern Pike

Right Guests

4-6 fishermen

Right Rates

Adults starting from $1,235.00
Kids starting from: $795.00

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Boats and Motors

3-14’ Lunds with 9.9 hp motors

Fly-in Information

Departure Time: 9am

Distance from River Air: 35 miles

Flight Time: 20-25 minutes


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