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Wolf Hunting

Wolves are wildlife’s first predator that the animals fear most before man in our deep, remote woods on the English River in Northwestern Ontario. There are an abundance of wolves and wolf packs because of the rise in deer population. With an unlimited supply of prey (food) their numbers are growing more and more every year. Even though many say wolves are ‘ghosts’ of the north because nobody sees many of them, you can easily find new tracks every day and hearing them call in the evenings and through the night. We bait them with remnants from our trap line (beavers and martins) and go out twice a day to freshen the baits. We have various blinds set up in different locations that are heated ,but warm clothes are still a must. Most kill shots are in the 150-300 yard range.

We generally hunt wolves the first week or two in December when the ice first goes on. We hunt again during mating season which is in late February and early March. Our mode of transportation at that time of year is by snowmobile which is included in our wolf hunting package. Also included in the wolf hunting packages are accommodations at our One Man Lake Lodge, all meals, guide service and transportation. Licenses for a small game permit and wolf tags are extra along with taxes and gratuity. Wolf licenses are purchased over the counter in Kenora.

Give us a call at 1-800-465-3325 and let’s go hunting!


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