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right-map-mooseAt Halley’s Camps and the Outpost Company, we pride ourselves on our moose hunt. We choose one of our 12 remote outpost camps or one of two fly in tent camps to accommodate your moose hunt. The variety of remote locations are in some of the most prime moose hunting areas in Ontario, allowing us to make sure that your hunt is as successful as possible.

Over the last fifteen years our rifle success rate has been 90% with three of the seasons having 100% on large bulls. In the fall of 1989, we were lucky enough to take the largest bull ever recorded in Ontario to that date, scoring 219 7/8 Boone and Crockett, and remains one of the top scoring animals in Ontario. (see pic on right)

With our archery hunt we have averaged over a 25% success rate. This is by far the most exciting hunt we have to offer. Archery success rates are obviously somewhat lower than the rifle hunt as even a bull in full rut can be difficult to have come within shooting range. What you can count on for the archery hunt is that you guide will “talk to moose through calling and you will see and hear how these great animals behave during mating season.

bow_hunt_mooseDuring your rifle or bow hunt your group will be the only people along with your guide at that outpost. This way, we can give you a vast area to hunt with no one else around. Hunting is done by traveling by boat to prime locations. Hunting moose consists of standing at crossings or feeding areas such as large meadows or willow swamps where moose regularly feed. The hunt is done by calling using the natural cover as camouflage, although raised stands are sometimes used, as is spot and stalk techniques. Scouting areas either by sight or sound can end with a very exciting stalk of a trophy bull. Calling for moose can also be very exciting and successful, but this method depends a great deal on the type of fall we are having and especially the current weather. Shooting distances for rifle are typically 50-150 yards. For archery we want to get the moose within 50 yards although we discuss with you what kind of range you are comfortable with.

ontario_moose_huntOur moose hunts are run in a first class manner with the hunter’s comfort and safety being number one concerns. At the Halley’s Camps and The Outpost Company, we understand that a hunter should know what is going on at all times during the hunt and to feel that they are a part of the hunt. Our experienced guides make this possible. They will not only guide you to your chance at a trophy, but also cook, clean, and make your hunt unforgettable. Our guides are very knowledgeable moose hunters, and they use their experiences from past hunts to make your hunt something that you will want to tell your grand children about.

Be sure to read our moose hunting editorials located in the “catch of the day” section of our website!



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