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Bear Hunting

In Ontario, bear hunting areas used by outfitters are called Bear Management Areas (BMA). The Outpost Company, in conjunction with Halley’s Camps, has one of the largest BMA in Ontario, with much of it still virgin to bear hunting.

Having this vast area at our disposal allows us to be very selective about which sections we utilize each year, enabling us to alternate bait sites and not over-harvest the animals. With this ability to be selective, bear hunters have an excellent chance at a true trophy.

As with all of our hunts, the hunter will feel that they are participating in all aspects of the hunt and will understand what is going on at all times. Our stands are generally in the 75-100 yard range. With archery becoming very popular in recent years, we also have a number of stands in the 15-30 yard range. Portable stands are available to accommodate changes in wind direction and different comfort levels in shooting distance. We will work with you to ensure your bear hunting trip is a memorable and enjoyable one. We invite you to come and experience this exciting hunt.

5 Day All-Inclusive Bear Hunt:

bear_hunting0Our all-inclusive, fully outfitted hunts are conducted from either One Man Lake Lodge or Kettle Falls Lodge. If you choose one of these hunts you can expect to be fully catered to, all you will need is your personal gear and your rifle or bow and ammunition. We take care of the rest. The hunt is conducted via transportation to the stands by boat. Our experienced guides will assist you with transportation to and from your pre-baited stand, skinning and processing of your harvested animal, and even some fishing during your stay. Having a large bear management area allows us to have several pre-baited stands at once, allowing the guide to choose the site that will suit your hunting needs and allow you the best chance at a quality Ontario black bear. Your stay at one of our beautiful lodges will include daily maid service, all meals, and an unforgettable experience.

5 Day Housekeeping Bear Hunt:

bear_hunting1This hunt is conducted from our housekeeping camp at Caribou Falls Landing. Your meals are not included, rather you bring your own food and prepare your meals in the comfort of your fully modern cabin. At Caribou, the use of ATV’s make it possible to access very remote areas via old logging roads. You may bring your own ATV, or we will provide transportation to and from the stands. We will have several active baits and stands ready for you upon your arrival.


7 Day Fly In Outpost Bear Hunt:


These housekeeping hunts take place at a choice location at one of our 12 fly-in only outposts where you are the only ones there. With the bear hunts at our outposts, your food and guide are not included in the package, and pre-baiting is extra. We will give you a good rundown of what it takes to have a successful hunt at your outpost. The accommodations at our outposts are second to none – the outpost cabins are fully modern with indoor showers, hot and cold running water, and electric lighting powered by solar energy or a generator.

Give us a call at 1-800-465-3325 and let’s go hunting!



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