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Ranging in Size from 12-33 inchesfishing101-1

Walleyes inhabit waters that have current, sheltered bays, rock points and shoals. Walleyes can be caught in 8-15’. The Halley’s favorite bait for catching the whopper walleyes is live bait (minnows work best) and a jig. Jigs range from 1/4 – 3/8 oz, in an array of colors like orange, pink, plain lead, and chartreuse. Other walleye lures that catch many walleyes are deep ping crank baits (size: medium; color: hot steel, orange, and perch), bright colored spoons, and power bait (size: medium; colors: orange, gold, and perch) with jigs, drop-shots, or spinners.

Northern Pike

Ranging in Size from 18-50 inches

Northern pike are known for their aggressiveness, and can be caught throughout the summer. They can be found most around underwater reefs and weedy bays. Our favorite baits for northern pikes are spoons (size: #2; colors: shiny, black and white, and five of diamonds), bucktails (size: medium to large; colors: black and orange), shad raps (colors: chartreuse, white and perch), and trolling lures (colors: bright, silver, and copper).

Smallmouth Bass

Ranging in Size from 10-23 inches

Smallmouth bass are a fun, action packed fish. They are caught in the shallow waters during the fishing season with Mepps size: #2 or #3; colors: silver, chartreuse, and black), shallow crank baits (size: small to medium; colors: orange, blue and white), top water baits like poppers (colors: green, black, and silver). For the days when the bass aren’t shallow, deeper running crank baits, plastics (twister tails and tube jigs), and live bait work well.

Daily Fly Outs for Lodge Guestsfishing101-3

Float planes tied to the dock at each lodge await any adventurous anglers who would like to experience a daily fly-out trip. We offer optional daily fly-outs to your own remote lake that are accessible only by float plane. Fly-out lakes offer walleye, northern, smallmouth bass, lake trout and musky fishing. Book your fly-out either when you reserve your dates or upon arrival.



Promoting Catch and Release

fishing101-2Here at Halley’s Camps we are proud to be part of the Trophy Waters. Our guests eat fish while they stay with us, but there are no limits to be taken home. Another large roll that we part take in is every time there is a large fish caught we measure the fish and keep record of all trophies caught.

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