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Halley's Camps

Dowswell Lake Outpost

2014-dowswell-lakeWe’re particularly proud of this unique, hand-hewn log cabin on Dowswell Lake. It was the first one in the design that all of our outpost cabins built since then would be modeled after. It is a five-sided structure built with pine logs harvested from the nearby woods. The cabin sleeps four to eight guests in four bedrooms. The deck features a native stone fire pit and a classic Northwestern Ontario view.

Dowswell Lake is 3 miles long with lots of coves, reefs, varied bottom structure and even a natural sand beach. The trophy smallmouth bass and northern fishing will keep you on the water all day. You can even try fishing for the lake trout that also call this lake their home. The portage lakes, Bilko, Sylvia, and Veronica, have all produced trophy walleyes and are just a short hike away. We keep the boats and motors fuelled so you only need to carry your fishing equipment and refreshments down the portage trail.


Native Fish

Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Northern, and Walleye (in portage lake)

Portage Lakes

Bilko Lake: 450 yard portage, 2-14’ boats w/ 6 hp
Fish: Walleye and Northern

Sylvia Lake: 500 yard portage, 2-14’ boats w/ 6 hp
Fish: Walleye and Northern

Veronica Lake: 150 yard portage from Bilko Lake, 2-14’ Boats w/ 6 hp
Fish: Walleye and Northern

Dowswell Guests

For groups 4-8 people

Dowswell Rates

Adults starting from $1,235.00
Kids starting from: $795.00

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Boats and Motors

3-16’ Lund boats with 9.9 hp motors

Fly-in Information

Departure time: 9:00 a.m.
Distance from River Air, Minaki: 45 miles
Flight time: 30-35 minutes

What to Bring

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