What's Happening at Halley's

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May at the Outpost Company

In May, the water and air temperatures can make for some foggy mornings. Here’s the Otter waiting out the fog to bring in the first group of guests into Chase Lake.

And look at the proud grin on Dick Bottorf’s face, with his small mouth bass! Dick was part of the Sullivan group at Chase Lake.

No better way to end a great day of fishing with calm waters and a beautiful sunset…

May at Caribou Falls Landing

We had a good start to the year. The northern fishing really turned on as the water temp went from 38°F to 48°F. Caribou saw 19 northerns over 40″ with the largest being caught by Sherrie at 48″! That is the biggest one recorded here at Caribou in the last 15 years!

We love what we do and love where we live and some guests truly melted our hearts this year. This March we had lost a great fisherman and friend to cancer. Larry’s group with his son, grandson and friends still came up fishing this year. With a beautiful sunset backdrop, the group fulfilled one of Larry’s last wishes, which was to put most of his ashes up here at Halley’s. Larry is now in a beautiful scenic area in our north country. Chris and I are truly honored that guests love this place just as much as we do and words cannot express it.

We had another young fisherman, Corrine, that showed her love of Halley’s through photography. She turned in 3 photos she had taken last summer of her fishing trip and she won first place in 3 different divisions in her 4H club. Check out the pictures from Corrine and her beautiful, well-deserved ribbons that she gave Chris and Amber this May.

Ice is out!

The spring thaw is here! Yesterday was 70°F and the ice is going fast. We had the planes taken off the ice last Wednesday and in one week the ice is already gone from where the plane was on the ice. We look forward to open water very soon!

Planes are ready for water!

New Outpost Supplies

This April we were prepping for the season and replenishing dishes at the fly-in cabins, along with some new beds and nightstands.


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An exceptional stay and fishing, thanks to Bev & Rob and all the team at Kettle Falls.
Jeff Tindle, Missouri

What's Happening at Halley's

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